Look at Houses! Get Paid!

Our company, 1-800-OUT-FAST, is looking to buy several houses each and every month and we could use your help! There are so many houses out there that we would like to buy but we obviously can’t look at them all. That’s where you come in!

All we need from you today is your information filled out in the form on this page. It’s that simple. Once we have your information we’ll give you a call and tell you exactly what we’ll expect of you. We’ll also schedule you on our next weekly training of how to inspect the houses just the way we like do on a daily basis. If we buy that house YOU GET PAID! 

The best part is with our tracking system you’ll be able to log into your own Property Inspector account and watch the status of the inspection you submitted. So that means when your inspection status says CLOSED… You’re Getting $$$! So fill out the form today and start getting PAID!

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