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What makes an agent/brokerage investor friendly?

So What Really Makes an Agent/Brokerage “Investor Friendly”?

What makes an agent/brokerage investor friendly?

I can’t tell you how many times in my 7+ years as a real estate investor that I’ve talked to real estate agents that had no clue some of the most basic terminologies that real estate investors use on a regular basis.

Phrases like ARV, subject-to, sandwich lease options, creative financing, wholesaling, double closing, and on and on.

It’s sad really.

I would put it at about 90% of agents out there have never heard more than 3 of those terms in their careers, yet I see so many agents on social media advertising that they can help their clients invest in real estate.

Real estate investing is so much more than working with an agent who only works on the MLS. I’ve found very few agents who know how to find off-market deals for their clients.

The thing about houses on the MLS (multiple listing service) is that everyone has access to those properties. Good deals typically end up in bidding wars and a highest and best situation. I hate to break it to those agents: those are NOT good investment deals.

For more information on that read our article on Why Most MLS Deals Suck!

The absolute best investment deals are found off-market where no one even knows they’re available for purchase.

That’s what makes an agent “investor friendly.”

First and foremost they understand where and how to find the absolute best deals for their clients. This is key to making sure you’re getting the desired ROI that you’re looking for.

If you’d like to talk to one of our agents about investing in real estate be sure to fill out our form here.

What makes a Real Estate Brokerage “Investor Friendly” is that they teach all of their agents how to think outside of the traditional retail types of transactions that don’t typically achieve the results needed for financial freedom.

Most of your big box brokerages will never teach their agents how to go out and find off-market deals, how to recognize true potential for a property, how to understand the difference between a cash and quick close deal versus a deal where you can get 100% financing from a seller with little or no money down (and no I don’t mean wholesaling).

The job of an agent and a brokerage in our opinion is to help real estate clients on both sides of the spectrum. Too many brokerages and agents pigeonhole themselves into one side or the other.

You can do both!

It’s what makes us uniquely different here at Out Fast Realty & Investments. Its not just in our name. It’s what we practice, preach, and teach every day to our agents across the area.

If you’re an agent who’d like to be a part of the growing movement of Out Fast Realty & Investments make sure you fill out our form here.

We’re a true full-service brokerage. It drives me crazy when I see a brokerage who only does one side of the business say they’re “full-service.”

Give me a break.

Another separating factor that gives Out Fast the true definition of “full-service” is that we offer property management through our sister company Out Fast Property Management.

We are truly your one-stop-shop for real estate needs. Retail, Investments, & Property Management.

We look forward to fulfilling all of your real estate needs here at Out Fast!

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What makes an agent/brokerage investor friendly?

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