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We're Built Different

Our agents understand the market, they value their sales skills and they do their best to put in a good effort every single day. We understand that in this industry, you get out what you put in.


We’ve built the perfect system for agents who embrace the hustle.

Sales Skills

Real estate is a sales game. Better skills means more sales.

Learn Investments

Our mission is to help agents become investors.
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Our 401R Program is blockchain-based ownership.

Agent Membership Fee:

Every agent at Out Fast Realty is required to pay a $97/month membership fee. This fee is automatically deducted on the first of each month, and helps us to deliver the type of support you need to succeed in real estate. Your monthly membership fee provides you with the following, which are provided during your onboarding process:

Email Address: Agents receive their email, hosted through google and including all of the G Suite tools (documents, spreadsheets, etc)

Website: Every agent receives their own personal website hosted through KV Core, one of the most powerful real estate platforms in the world and loaded with customization options.

E&O Insurance: Errors and omission insurance is provided to you no matter how many deals you close, or for how much.

Lead Generation: Enrollment into our “in-house leads” program for both retail and wholesale leads. Grab em and close em!

Dotloop Account: Create contracts and obtain signatures with ease.

KV Core Account: Our robust KV Core platform provides you with transaction management, marketing assistance, lead generation and customer relationship management tools. Stay active and stay organized!

Marketing Templates: Out Fast Realty provides you with templates to use for your social media including Just Sold and Listed templates, market updates and more.

Office Hours: Unlimited office hours are included in your monthly fee.

Commission Structure

Out Fast Realty features two commission structures for retail transactions, that are based on whether agents have obtained the “lead” on their own or participated in our in-house leads.

Self-Generated Leads: Transactions that you facilitated on your own are a 85/15 split, with the agent retaining 85% and Out Fast Realty receiving 15%.

In-House Leads: Retail transactions that were the result of Out Fast Realty’s “in-house leads program” are split 75/25, with agents retaining 75% of the commission and Out Fast Realty receiving 25%. Information on our “in-house leads” program will be made available during your onboarding process.

Capping: All agent commissions (not including team models and wholesale deals) are capped at $15,000, meaning that once your commissions have passed that mark, you are no longer required to pay any percent of your commission to Out Fast Realty, outside of a $495 fee per transaction.

Commission Plan

Out Fast Realty and Investments provides teams with flexibility and creativity on team structure, assuming that certain conditions are met along with broker approval. Team leaders and members are required to pay the standard monthly membership fee. Capping for team members occurs at $10,000 (as opposed to $15,000 for individual agents).

Commission Plan

Out Fast Realty prides itself on helping agents learn the investment side of real estate. Wholesale deals require a $500 fee or 10% of the assignment fee (whichever is LESS) paid to Out Fast Realty.


We provide you the resources you need to help promote yourself, learn investments (including access to private lending via our in-house company Out Fast Funding LLC) and more in order to make sure you have the best chance at success.



Interested in joining Out Fast Realty & Investments?  Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch.  This is a 100% confidential meeting.



Interested in joining Out Fast Realty & Investments?  Please fill out the form below and someone from our team will be in touch.  This is a 100% confidential meeting.